The Trinity Bay ballast stone

Ballast stone of basalt found in Trinity Bay Newfoundland in 1997.

Quote from Niels Vinding which found the stone. "There are almost certainly Norse artifacts on the Avalon Peninsula. A ballast stone found by me in 1997 in the Bellevue Barachois near the bottom of Trinity Bay, appears to be cut to shape to fit into a Viking ship-a knarr. It is clearly not naturally shaped, and it matches exactly the predicted measurements, app. 100x30x20 cm. The stone is basalt, which makes Greenland a likely place of origin-but does not rule out Newfoundland. We intend to go on searching in 1998. There may be more ballast stones in the same place-ships never spread their ballast over a large area-and there is, obviously, the possibility of finding remains of Leif's houses, Much like Karlefni's were found at L'Anse aux Meadows." A book Niels_Vinding__Vinland_1000_år__Lindhardt_og_Ringhof_ Copenhagen_1998_ISBN:87-595-0896-5 describes his "strange" interpretion of the Vinland sagas and the found of the stone. His advisors for writing the book was Jørgen Meldgaard from the National museum in Copenhagen, Museum consultant Jens Monberg, Dr. Max Vinner from the Vikingship Museum in Roskilde and the Canadian professor Stuart Brown. His main source is a book by the Canadian author Farley Mowat "Westviking". The stone is now at the Memorial University of Newfoundland.