The Finne banqueting hall in Voss

The Finne banqueting hall is the only remaining medieval building standing on the Finne farm. The farm was a power centre in the medieval period with shares in other farms spread far beyond the borders of Voss. The hall was built appx. 1250. The ground floor consists of two seperate rooms with a small passage between them. Around the two rooms there are galleries. The rooms was probably used for storing food and beer. The second floor consists of one small and one large room with galleries around. The largest room was used as a Guild banqueting hall for 45-50 persons seated in a u-form. The smallest room in the second floor was used as serving pantry. The actual cooking and brewing must have taken place in a building near the hall.

Plan over the hall.

View from the front

From the entrance in the second floor.

The main room.

The main room.