The Lofot horse

The Lofot horses lived in the Islands of Lofoten in Northern Norway until about 100 years ago. They lived outside year-round and could eat fish and meat during the hardest winter months when the snow covered the fields. The tales says this horses was actually capable of hunting fowls. They was notorious known for stealing the farmers chickens and stockfish.

The height was appx. 125 cm. The horses had very long fur. The length of the fur could be 50 cm under the neck, 15-16 cm on the body and appx 30 cm under the belly. The color was usually white-yellowish in the wintertime and a little bit darker in the summertime. The hoofs were covered by fur. The last of this horses died appx 100 years ago, but its remains are preserved at the Museum of Zoology in Bergen, Norway.