The Sandnes indian arrowhead.

This indian arrowhead made of quartzite was found in the churchyard next to Sandnes farm in the western settlement of the Norse Greenland in 1930. It was found very close to Norse bodies at the churchyard. The churchyard was in use from approximately 1050 until 1350. The length of the arrowhead is approximately 3 cm and it is a part of the Danish national museum's collection in Copenhagen. It is made of a flintstone not found in Greenland, but found in southern Labrador. Maybe this kind of stone is common further south too ? The tribe who made it is unknown.

This engraving dated 1612 from Champlains map shows us how the indians in Labrador looked like at that time. I found it in the book 500 nations and the writer complains of how little concern for realism in depicting indians the painter did. And he says further that images such as these formed long-lasting visions among stay-at-home Europeans of what indians looked like. The question is how little concern for realism the painter had.