The Ulen sword

On April 20, 1911, Hans Strand, according to affidavits, found a rusted sword burried in his field about 3 1/4 miles west of Ulen, Mn or 22 miles East of the Red River, and 15 Miles N of Fargo. Strand bought the farm in 1898, and was the first to cultivate it, but had been tilling the land at a shallow level prior to 1911. As there had been some drought in the previous years, he set his plow at six inches, which was supposed to help retain moisture in the ground and it was at the deeper level that the sword was pulled up. The blade had a 1/16 inch covering of rust, which Strand polished down. The length of the blade is 16 inches, and the point has been hammered off, apparently by some blunt instrument. The pommel is brass, with a simple thick cross guard. At the place where the cross guard meets the blade, there is a design, a helmeted soldier on one side and a breastplate over crossed axes and a dagger. The sword is in the museum in Ulen, Minnesota. Click on the picture for a larger image.

The coat of arms at the sword. Click on the picture for a full drawing of the sword.
The Onarheim coat of arms shows a resemblance to the coat of arms at the sword. Paul Knutsson which possibly was sent by the Norwegian king to Greenland and beyond in the 1350's was from Onarheim. This seal is from a document dated 1344. Click on the picture for a larger image.